Oct 192013

Following is an anecdote so typical of so many of the people who give up their old lives and, with fresh minds and great expectations, come to Mexico, fall in love with the country, and start their own personal transformations into new beings. Mexico, while plastering its stark realities in our faces, evokes the magic and mysticism of life. That is only one of the thousands of reasons we love it.


I’m Giving Up (And Why That’s A Good Thing!) (via http://www.thiswaytoparadise.com)

Giving Up I’ve only been in Mexico a month, and already, it is changing me.  I am giving up.  I am giving up a sense of control, the type A personality that I had let cover up my real type B personality of calm, of creativity, of letting things…

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  1. Thanks for sharing my anecdote!! Great website that you have. I am loving Mexico!! -Val