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Chiapas Legado Verde is a grass-roots photographic and ecological initiative in Mexico. Three professional Mexican photographers, Jorge Silva Rivera, Sergio Perero Villanueva, and Luis Felipe Rivera Lezama, joined forces for a year to create a pictorial record of the current state of the more than seventy protected natural reserves and their buffer zones in Chiapas, Mexico.

The aim of the initiative is to document the diverse ecosystems and the interaction of lifeforms within them. It is to show all of us the beauty of the areas as well as the sad and widespread exploitation and destruction of these natural environments that continue at an accelerating rate despite their protected status. The project marks the 42nd anniversary from when former state governor Dr. Manuel Velasco Suarez decreed the forests, wetlands, and jungles of the state of Chiapas as natural protected reserves.

The initiative surely means to evoke a personal and societal response and a sense of care and responsibility. The photographers share in photographs, videos, and written materials the stunning scenery and wildlife of the intensely rich and diverse protected ecological zones in the mountains and jungles of this southern Mexican state that borders on Guatemala.

Below is their video as well as links to other resources and information.

LegadoVerdeEnCampo from luis felipe rivera on Vimeo.

A full-color smple of the publication on Issuu.com (72 pages with photos):

Here you’ll see some of the fabulous photos and, if you know Spanish, you can read the accompanying summary of the project. This sampling lists the major biosphere reserves in the state and gives you a glimpse of this impressive photographic record of the habitats, flora, fauna, and the influences at work on each.

Today, ecology cannot be clearly grasped if we insist on separating it from the social element. The clear path to conservation is to broadcast and educate, and to make society a participant in what is really occurring on the planet at this moment.

(Own translation from the prologue of the book)

Article in Spanish from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the photographers’ alma mater:


Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/907413235947646/

Montebello Chiapas Mexico

Lagunas de Montebello

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