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They made the garlic a bride, its smell did not come out for forty days.

— Turkish Proverb

Heart with pepper, soul with garlic.

— Russian Proverb

Eat leeks in march, garlic in may, all the rest of the year the doctors may play.

— English Proverb

Garlic is as good as ten mothers.

— Indian Proverb

It is not really an exaggeration to say that peace and happiness begin, geographically, where garlic is used in cooking.

— X. Marcel Boulestin (1878-1943)

May I a small house and large garden have; And a few friends, And many books, both true.

— Abraham Cowley

I never had any other desire so strong, and so like to covetousness, as that one which I have had always, that I might be master at last of a small house and a large Garden. 

— Abraham Cowley, The Garden, 1666

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.

— Abraham Lincoln

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

— Abraham Lincoln

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. 

— Albert Einstein

A little garlic, judiciously used, won’t seriously affect your social life and will tone up more dull dishes than any commodity discovered to date.

— Alexander Wright, How to Live Without a Woman (1937)

Provençal cooking is based on garlic. The air in Provence is impregnated with the aroma of garlic, which makes it very healthful to breathe. Garlic is the main seasoning in bouillabaisse and in the principal sauces of the region. A sort of mayonnaise is made with it by crushing it in oil, and this is eaten with fish and snails. The lower classes in Provence often lunch on a crust of bread sprinkled with oil and rubbed with garlic.

— Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870), Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine

Nature is man’s teacher.  She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence. 

— Alfred Billings Street

There are some things, after all, that Sally Owens knows for certain: Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.

— Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

It is apparent that no lifetime is long enough in which to explore the resources of a few square yards of ground.

— Alice M. Coats

Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good.

— Alice May Brock

Good-by — if you hear of my being stood up against a Mexican stone wall and shot to rags please know that I think that a pretty good way to depart his life. It beats old age, disease, or falling down the cellar stairs. To be a Gringo in Mexico — ah, that is euthanasia!

— Ambrose Bierce, Letter to his niece, Lora

My final, considered judgment is that the hardy bulb [garlic] blesses and ennobles everything it touches – with the possible exception of ice cream and pie.

— Angelo Pellegrini, The Unprejudiced Palate (1948)

After all, I don’t see why I am always asking for private, individual, selfish miracles when every year there are miracles like white dogwood. 

— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Don’t wear perfume in the garden – unless you want to be pollinated by bees. 

— Anne Raver

Garlic is divine. Few food items can taste so many distinct ways, handled correctly. Misuse of garlic is a crime…Please, treat your garlic with respect…Avoid at all costs that vile spew you see rotting in oil in screwtop jars. Too lazy to peel fresh? You don’t deserve to eat garlic

— Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

A dog reflects the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones.

— Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.

— Author unknown

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt. 

— Author Unknown

When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it.  If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. 

— Author Unknown

But a weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else.  In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit.  Weeds are people’s idea, not nature’s. 

— Author Unknown

May all your weeds be wildflowers.

— Author Unknown

If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand.

— Buddha

A garden was the primitive prison, till man with Promethean felicity and boldness, luckily sinned himself out of it.

— Charles Lamb, 1830

I went to Mexico because it has a magic that does not have any other country in the world…

— Chavela Vargas
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