Oct 282015
Day of the Dead with Galart at Viceroy Hotel

Galart & Viceroy Hotel Zihuatanejo are pleased to announce the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration 2015! Enjoy this traditional Mexican celebration including an ofrenda to Marc Pouliot, “El Mexico de los Mexicanos,” with folk art by “El Santo Madrazo,” a “prehispanic dance,”  a Day of the Dead sand sculpture, and a contemporary dance performance by […continue reading…]

Oct 262015
Zihuatanejo Sailfest: Regatta en el Paraiso

Every year at the beginning of February, Zihuanejo Sailfest is held in and around Zihuatanejo Bay. It is one of the most astoundingly successful of Zihuatanejo fundraisers. Since 2002, Sailfest has built more than eighty classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and playgrounds supporting disadvantaged children at twenty-nine schools in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Thanks to your Sailfest participation. The […continue reading…]

Oct 072015
Orchids of Mexico

Orchids grow in warm, humid climates and are found largely in the tropical areas of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Their unusual, long-lasting blossoms and often heady scents have inspired curiosity and wonder over the ages. A handsome volume titled “The Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala,” written by James Bateman, 1843, forms part of the […continue reading…]

Jul 142015
Sabores y Colores in Zihuatanejo

This past year has brought to Zihuatanejo more than one good, new restaurant with exciting flavors and presentations. One of these is Sabores y Colores, a small restaurant in downtown Zihuatanejo that is both elegant and unpretentious. Chef Antonio works his wonders melding traditional and exotic ingredients into his beautifully presented dishes to create specialties […continue reading…]